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The President and Founder

Donald Gordon Carty, is an internationally known author, personal training and development consultant, motivational speaker, and the president of the Personal Development Institute, a think tank whose purpose is to awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling.

Donald has presented hundreds of speeches, seminars and workshops across North America, handing you the tools required to excel in business management, personal development, and sales. His experience as a leader and highly touted personal development expert translates into dynamic, and profound presentations, that will instruct you professionally, touch you personally, and inspire you to reach for the highest within yourself.

As a result of over thirty years personal and business success, along with many years of community service, Donald has been awarded numerous commendations and awards from civic, community and business organizations and institutions, including the Federal Government of Canada.

Mr. Carty has authored hundreds of articles and three books including "The Master Key System," "Within You is The Power", "Your Personal Road Map for Success", produced an audio CD "Meditations and Spoken Word Inspiration" heard in 122 countries, and is also the creator of a number of training programs, and multicultural presentations.  

Donald Carty has been featured on CBC 24 Hours News, host of Harmony at Home, a cable show on Multiculturalism, and as a Citizens’ Forum Moderator on Peter Warrens National CBC Radio Morning show .   

Donald believes that life is filled with possibilities waiting to be realized, rich with meanings calling out to be understood.

This idea of a mystical or spiritual dimension to life, the “not visible” or the “not yet” that can only be known through intuition or by a leap of faith, is far more important to Donald than the world of material things.

Donald's commitment to human potential and development and his work involving the assimilation of diverse interests has been the most fulfilling part of his professional and personal life. 

Donald Carty resides in Georgia, has three children and four grandchildren.

Contact Donald G. Carty at: donald@thepdi.com 

The Law of Attraction is the Secret of Success that demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. 

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